Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We're Moving!

I'm so excited!  I've been patiently waiting for the cards to fall into place for years now, and they finally have.  You see, I originally hail from California (Orange County to be specific).  Thirteen years ago I left home to join the Army, went all over the planet, and then ended up in Virginia.  I've been trapped here ever since.  Several jobs, a husband, and two children later, it's hard to make a 3000 mile move.  Well, it's finally happening!

In about a month, I'll be flying back home to start scouting for our new home.  Meanwhile, the husband and children will stay behind to finish prepping the current house for sale.  After that's completed (the prep, not the sale), the three of them will drive out and meet me in the new house.  It's going to undoubtedly be a very long and very painful process, but I believe it will be very much worth it in the end.

You see, family is important to me.  The one thing I've wanted for my kids and have been unable to provide up until this point is a closer relationship with their grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and other family.  Because of the distance, the most we've managed has been two visits in the last five years.  Normally it wouldn't be so bad, but a combination of medical troubles with both me and my sister have made things difficult.  Once we move, we'll be able to spend long weekends visiting each other.  In actuality, we'll be about 4-5 hours from most of my family (driving).  Close enough to visit whenever we have more than two days off, but far enough away that we still appreciate each other and don't grate on one another's nerves. :-)

Anyway, totally off-topic, but I really wanted to share.  Another great benefit is that I can start pursuing my dream to opening my bath and body shop (brick & mortar) in Southern California, just like I always wanted.  The great thing about SoCal is that even in the worst of times (depression like market), there are so many people within the area (many with no concerns about budgeting- must be nice).  Perfect place for a start-up.

Have a great week everyone!!


Anonymous said...

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